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Shannon Reed

I write.

Credits include The New Yorker, WaPo, Eater, The Guardian, McSweeney's, Poets & Writers and many more.

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DeSean by Shannon Reed — KWELI / Truth From the Diaspora's ...

DeSean by Shannon Reed — KWELI / Truth From the Dia...

A Field Trip by Randa Jarrar

When Ghassan had come to bury his first wife in Burj el-Shamali, Ni’ma attended the burial. It was incredibly unfair, Ni’ma thought when she saw Ghassan’s wife being lowered into the ground, to escape these twisted alleyways and the bombs from every direction; to make it all the way to...

Black Women Academics and Their White Male Partners, A Study in Seamless Contradictions by Asali Solomon

He thought Phyllicia was too racially sensitive, and called her paranoid on more than one occasion. She says he was self-hating and ignorant. After he graduated from business school – long after they had broken up –  he moved to South Africa to pursue economic opportunities in emerging markets (“the...